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Antibiotic Microspheres For Treatment Of Infections And Osteomyelitis
More than 750,000 people in the United States have knees, hips, or shoulders replaced surgically each year. For about 30,000 of these patients the surgery results in osteomyelitis, a dangerous infection of the bone tissue. This infection results in repeat surgeries for repair, replacement, and sometimes even removal of the implant. To treat osteom...
Published: Mar 20, 2014   |   Inventor(s):  
Category(s): Medical Devices, Therapeutics
Breathing-Controlled Electrical Stimulation for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain and Spasticity
Background Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can be an effective treatment for the management of chronic pain and increased muscle tone (spasticity). However, for many patients current electrical stimulation techniques do not provide lasting relief for spasticity or neuropathic pain, a type of chronic pain initiated by lesions or di...
Published: May 9, 2013   |   Inventor(s):  
Category(s): Medical Devices
MEMS Based Blood Coagulometer
Background: The field of thromboelastography includes various forms of testing the efficiency of coagulation in the blood. Measuring coagulation is of vital importance in both a surgical and anesthesiological setting, because it is used to diagnose and assess bleeding disorders, like hemophilia and Von Willebrand disease. Further, measuring...
Published: Apr 26, 2013   |   Inventor(s): Charles Cox, Brijesh Gill, Kevin Aroom
Category(s): Medical Devices
Nanoporous and Mesoporous Substrates for Analytical Methods and Methods for Fractionation, Stabilization, and Storage of Biomolecules
Background: A common problem that arises during analysis of biological samples is interference due to highly abundant substances in the samples that can mask the existence of other substances in the mixture. Common examples of this issue are in samples of blood (serum/plasma) and saliva where high concentrations of albumin can create problems ...
Published: Feb 1, 2013   |   Inventor(s):  
Keywords(s): Devices, Diagnostics, Nanotechnology
Category(s): Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Research Materials
Dual Function Airway Guide
Faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) have recently patented an improved endotracheal stylette, constructed entirely of Teflon, for use in both guiding and exchanging endotracheal tubes as well as for aiding in the performance of tracheostomies. Prototype samples of this invention have been field-teste...
Published: Jan 18, 2013   |   Inventor(s):  
Category(s): Medical Devices
"Pedinap" - A Pediatric Anesthesia/Pharmacological Agent Induction Device
"PEdinap" – a pediatric anesthesia/pharmacological agent induction device Background: Pediatric patients present complications in settings where they are being administered medicines. In the hospital, anesthetizing a child can be both a difficult and traumatic process. Children, anxious in an unfamiliar hospital setting, are...
Published: Dec 10, 2012   |   Inventor(s):  
Category(s): Medical Devices
Resuscitation From Shock
Market: The Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) market in Europe alone is estimated to grow to near $430.7 billion by 2012. The American Hospital Association (AHA) reported in a 2006 survey that the number of hospitals adopting moderate to high use of IT systems in general increased 37% from 2005. With more than $37 million patient admissi...
Published: Nov 29, 2011   |   Inventor(s):  
Category(s): Therapeutics, Medical Devices
Bone Graft Scaffolds with High-Strength and High-Porosity
Market: Damage to bone, whether caused by trauma or disease sometimes requires implantation of a scaffold to guide repair. Spinal fusions, reconstruction after cancer, and dental repairs are but a few examples of procedures that might utilize bone graft scaffolding. According to a March, 2009 PearlDiver Report, the bone graft substitute mar...
Published: Nov 29, 2011   |   Inventor(s):  
Category(s): Medical Devices
A Method for Generating Poroelastograms in Vivo
A METHOD FOR GENERATING POROELASTOGRAMS IN VIVO Background: Ultrasound elastograms in are generated by cross-correlating the sequentially-acquired post compression ultrasound data with the reference pre-compression ultrasound data, thus generating an image that allows for differentiation of tissues types, i.e. benign vs. malignant tumors. A ...
Published: Oct 24, 2011   |   Inventor(s):  
Category(s): Medical Devices, Software, Diagnostics
Method to perform Axial-shear strain imaging for tumor classification
AXIAL SHEAR STRAIN ELASTOGRAPHY (ASSE) Background: Ultrasound elastography, now a well-established diagnostic technique, is expanding into everyday ultrasound machines used in all types of clinical practice. The basic elastography technique involves two images of a tissue in question – the first in a normal “before” state and the second aft...
Published: Oct 18, 2011   |   Inventor(s):  
Category(s): Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Software
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