Cuff-less pharyngeal airway management device with oral mouthpiece seal



Conventional airway management devices used during general anesthesia for a surgical procedure or for emergency airway access include an inflatable cuff which seals the tube within the trachea. This ensures that air can reach the patient’s lungs and that the lungs do not aspirate contents from the patient’s stomach. However, the inflated cuff can place excessive pressure on the patient’s adjacent tissues and cause tissue damage.

Laryngeal mask airways (LMAs) utilize an elliptical mask at the end of a tube which forms a seal on top of the glottis, avoiding damage to the trachea. However,  LMAs do not always form an adequate seal, or can place pressure on the pharynx, causing throat pain, nausea, and gag reflex.


New Device Features

- Pharyngeal tube without inflatable cuff, with sealing element at the mouth

- Openings in the lateral walls of the tube

- No opening provided at the distal tip of the tube


Potential Advantages

- Potentially no tissue damage to trachea and pharynx

- Easy blind insertion

- Enables air influx to exit the tube and enter the pharynx and trachea

- Maintains pharyngeal patency and no air directed toward the esophagus, minimizing or avoiding gastric insufflation.

- Allows gas expired from lung to be exhaled through the pharyngeal tube.


Potential Applications

General anesthesia

Emergency airway access


Intellectual Property Status

- US patent pending

- foreign filings pending

- Available for licensing


Stage of Development




Patent Information:

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