Bruxnostic Appliance


Bruxnostic Appliance

Bruxism is a significant concern for restorative dentists and orofacial pain practitioners. Consequences of bruxism, if not addressed, can range from minor annoying tooth sensitivity, chronic pain and discomfort, to destruction of dentition and loss of masticatory function. Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching considered being an oral parafunctional activity. According to relevant literature, its prevalence ranges from 8–31% in the general population according to some studies, while other studies estimated only 10% of the population. Symptoms commonly associated with bruxism can range from hypersensitive teeth, aching jaw muscles, headaches, tooth wear, to temporomandibular disorders, damage to dental restorations, and damage to teeth. This condition crosses many medical discipline boundaries. In some cases, patients may have minimal symptoms, therefore, it may continue to progress undiagnosed. Because many individuals may not be aware of the condition, there is an essential need for a test to rule in/out bruxism. Our invention will confirm if there is a positive diagnoses of bruxism which will lead to a proper treatment of choice for the patient, while a negative result will lead clinicians to proper referrals to seek out other possible etiologies.


Technology Overview

Dr. Shawn S. Adibi has developed a bruxnostic appliance that can be used by clinicians to screen, study, and diagnose the location of relevant pathalogical forces to guide in the decision making process to establish a proper course of treatment for patients.


Stage of Development

The investigator has a working prototype of the device that is ready for clinical testing.


Potential Applications

• Diagnose bruxism in patients to determine appropriate treatment

• Assess risk for potential damage on patients before they get extensive dental work that may be damaged by bruxism


Technology Advantages

• This technology is a point-of-care device requiring minimum skill for at

home use for large numbers of patients coming in for routine screening

and treatment planning

• This device is biocompatible and low risk to the patient

• Low cost to the patient


Intellectual Property Status:

• Portfolio available for licensing

• Patent filed


About the Investigator

Shawn S. Adibi, DDS, MEd

Dr. Shawn S. Adibi is an Associate Professor in General Practice and Dental Public Health where he teaches Diagnostic Sciences and is the Director of the Assessment Clinic at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Dr. Adibi is Chair of The Organization of Teachers

of Oral Diagnosis ( OTOD) and Fellow of American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM) and Councilor of section for Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine in American Dental Education Association (ADEA).



Patent Information:

The preceding is intended to be a non-confidential and limited description of a novel technology created at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). This promotional material is not comprehensive in scope and should not replace company’s diligence in a thorough evaluation of the technology. Please contact the Office of Technology Management for more information regarding this technology.
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