Biopsy Site Identification Method and Apparatus



Wrong-site surgery is a common yet preventable form of medical malpractice which has adverse effects on both patients and physicians.  Mislabeling and inconsistent documentation of biopsy sites, in addition to reliance on the patient for biopsy site identification, are common issues among clinicians. Additional scarring and tissue healing may also contribute to post-operative difficulties. The application of permanent visible markings can be applied on the body of the patient as a preventative measure, however this cosmetically undesirable for the patient. 



Dr. Jonathon Jundt, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at UTHealth and a team of biomedical engineers have developed a medical grade tattoo device combined with invisible, ultraviolet ink and a standard patterning procedure that can be used and interpreted by clinicians across disciplines.  This allows physicians to accurately identify surgical sites without cosmetically undesirable markings on the patient.


The body of the tattoo device has a tip that is pre-dipped in ink, so the physician has a constant supply of ink for the necessary markings.  The ink formulation is both biocompatible and non-toxic.  The tattoo is applied with the use of a specially designed stencil, which incorporates identification and orientation information without the need for excessive marking or artistry. 


Stage of Development:

Prototype developed


Intellectual Property Status:

•       U.S. Provisional Patent Application filed

•       Available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing


Patent Information:

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