Supplementing culture media with prostaglandin or its analog to enhance the development of embryos



A method of enhancing in vitro development of a mammalian embryo is disclosed which comprises supplementing the culture medium with a prostaglandin, or a prostaglandin analog, in an amount effective to promote complete hatching of the embryo (i.e., freeing of the embryo from the zona pellucida). The quality of human blastocysts is enhanced in vitro by culturing with a prostacyclin agonist, Iloprost. The in vivo implantation potential and live birth potential of an in vitro fertilization embryo is thereby enhanced and establishment of a viable pregnancy is facilitated.


IP Status

Issued Patent  number  US 7,709,259 B2



Jaou-Chen Huang, Jennifer S. Goldsby, Wan-Song A. Wun


UTHealth Reference Number

2003-0048 WEB

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