Clinical Language Annotation, Language Modeling and Processing Toolkit (CLAMP)


Background: The era of big data in healthcare has brought about large amounts of unstructured clinical data.  Although this data has great potential for improving patient care, easy to use analytic tools are needed to gain any insight from the data. 


The Technology:  The Clinical Language Annotation, Language Modeling and Processing Toolkit (CLAMP) is a software toolkit to annotate and extract information from clinical text.  CLAMP harnesses cutting edge natural language processing capabilities engineered specifically for medical text.  Although CLAMP employs advanced analytic capabilities, its user friendly graphical interface can be used by healthcare professionals without a strong NLP or data analytics background.  This software was developed by Dr. Hua Xu at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Biomedical Informatics.  Dr. Xu is a leader in the field of natural language processing for health informatics. 


CLAMP provides flexible annotation and customization that can allow your institution to annotate clinical text according to your own needs.  Clinical entities are extracted from your unstructured EHR data and mapped to UMLS concepts. The information extracted from your clinical text can be used for clinical research, population health management, epidemiology, clinical analytics and more. CLAMP’s current licensees include large clinical public institutions.



UTHealthRef. No(s): 2015-0029

Inventor(s):  Hua Xu, Min Jiang, Ergin Soysal, Anupama Gururaj, Jingqi Wang

License Available:  Non-exclusive


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