Zeta Needle For Improved Maneuverability and Penetration


Limited tool reach and maneuverability in laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures can present short term difficulties during an operation, as well as long term ergonomic issues for the surgeon.


A designer Zeta needle can bring fine 360 degree maneuverability and increased tissue penetration to such procedures. This is achieved using a needle that is bent into a potential energy- retaining conformation within an inner and outer housing. The housings can prevent needle deflection from needle-tissue interactions which can occur with flexible steerable needles.  This device can also be customized and adapted for macro- to micro-scale procedures in various applications.


Key Benefits

- 360-degree maneuverability

- Increased tissue penetration in endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures vs. a            conventional straight needle

- Engineering control avoids accidental needle sticks

- Customizable needle length and type to reach extraluminal tissues such as tumors or perturbed tissue outside of lumen

- Customizable for any macro- to nano-scale procedures requiring tissue penetration

- Adaptable for other applications requiring injection procedures where maneuverability and accurate deposition is desired



Potential Applications

- In channels within human or animal bodies:

- Combined with a syringe for drug/dye delivery, fluid extraction

- Collect tissue samples

- Embed, implant or deposit electrodes

- Injecting or withdrawing fluids from channels within nonliving things, such as:

- Wellbores and geological formations

- Within a machine or other structure


Intellectual Property Status

- US patent pending

- Available for licensing


Stage of Development

Pre-clinical, prototype fabricated




Patent Information:

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