Lymphatic Imaging System


Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging Using Military-Grade Imaging Technology For Lymphatic Diagnostics


Market: The visualization of the lymphatic system is essential during the diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of conditions and diseases—locating lymphatic structures, diagnosing and monitoring lymphedema, and detecting metastatic lesions during cancer staging. However, because the lymphatic vessels carry predominantly clear lymph fluid, imaging technologies have the unique challenge of optimal visualization. Investigators at The University of Texas Health Science at Houston have developed an imaging method that overcomes visualization challenges by providing real time images of the lymphatic system through specialized, non-invasive cameras with low dosages of contrast agents.  


Competitors and Current Problems:  The lymphatic imaging systems on the market today typically use a specialized dye and a device to image the dye; however, all of these systems have one of several drawbacks related to either the dye or the camera.  Additionally, there is frequently a lag time between imaging and resolution, and, often, the systems are unable to provide flow images showing the actual course of lymph through the tissue.  These flow images are critical to practitioners for determination of why and how lymphedemia is developing in a specific way. 


The Technology:   Dr. Eva Sevick and her collaborators have developed an extensive patent portfolio aimed at overcoming the deficiencies in existing lymphatic system imaging methods. Her system provides real time images of the lymphatic system by utilizing less expensive specialized military-grade night vision technology cameras rather than the conventional CT scanners or PET imagers. Through the dye, indocyanine green, Dr. Sevick’s system is also able to use dosing levels significantly lower than those required for other visualization instruments.

In clinical use, the indocyanine green dye is injected in low dosages into the patient’s skin. Once absorbed, the lymphatics have the ability to emit a fluorescent light, which the device amplifies with the camera. The novel imaging system has diagnosed early lymphedema in patients who would not have otherwise been diagnosed.  For patients, Dr. Sevick’s technology means earlier, cost-effective detection of lymphatic conditions and imaging.  


International Innovation* recently published an article on Dr. Sevick's Technology, a copy of which can be found here


Non-confidential Technology description


The preceding is intended to be a non-confidential summary of a novel technology created at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), for which the University has obtained patent protection. 


UTHealth Ref. No.: 2010-0064; 2010-0065 and more

Lead Inventor: Dr. Eva Sevick (

Patent Status: 11 issued United States and Foreign patents and  4 pending patents.

License Available:  world-wide; exclusive or non-exclusive


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The preceding is intended to be a non-confidential and limited description of a novel technology created at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). This promotional material is not comprehensive in scope and should not replace company’s diligence in a thorough evaluation of the technology. Please contact the Office of Technology Management for more information regarding this technology.
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